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Frequently asked question: Can I earn without investment?
Answer: NO! You can not earn in free systems!

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MLM Regular job
Unlimited earnings Limited earnings
Can not be fired Can be fired
Work in team Individual work
Flexible working time Fixed working time
Work from home Work in company
Work without boss Work with evil boss
Work without stress Work with strong stress

Internet marketing is a huge industry and spends more than $438 billion a year and is steadily increasing. More than 200 million people earn in internet marketing. Why do not you take your part? Everything is completely lawful and legitimate. Increase your earnings. Get started today! Investing in internet marketing is growing.

So how do You make money? It is not difficult but at the beginning it goes slow. You needs to be patient and persistent. For this type of job is the most important perseverance. Once You go into these earning programs, there is no giving up. This is Your everyday job. Business Like every others jobs! I say JOB because these are not illegal pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes or fortune chains. This is legal and legitimate network marketing, which is being taught at economics faculties. On the Internet there is work for everyone who has a will and a computer!

No special informatic knowledge is required to work in this program. Just basic computer knowledge. If You know how to read e-mail then You know and do this job. And how long ago somebody was said: - If You have an internet, You have a job! Do not expect success overnight. Quick and easy earnings do not exist. This is not a lottery where You get billions in five minutes. NOT! Here it is working hard, seriously and gradually. If You are responsible for Your job and do not get it as a game - the results will not go away. But the results will come very slowly, step by step if, I repeat, You are accountable for Your job!

Access Your business as a professional, because if You approach him as an amateur You will also earn as an amateur! If You want to earn money - You must first spend some money. Free earnings programs and quick rich programs is not good and reliable!

Email marketing is still one of the most sophisticated aspects of Internet marketing, although the perception of the public about it is completely misleading. Most people who are not in this business think that email marketing is out of date, so that everything happens today on social networks, and that emails are only available to some old-fashioned organizations that have not yet learned to use the social network. In practice, a huge number of successful and modern businesses company which primarily focused on email marketing. There are people who earn millions of dollars a year and do not even have their own websites - all they have is mailing lists! The most important tool to work without You is to succeed is the Autoresponder! It collect email addresses by Your form on Your website. For example, when You have a collection of e-mail , You can send information about a new job, for example, and You will surely keep track of the followers. In the autoresponder You can also put a few pre-written messages and they will send You one by one at the time interval You specify. The autoresponder works while You are sleeping. Scientific research says the user decide after seventh e-mail decides whether to follow You in the business or will be deleted from the list.

Then You need a website. It can be complex with all the jobs You are doing or just the form of Your mailing list in the autoresponder. If You have only an enrollment form then You need to put the job offer in pre-written messages in the autoresponder to periodically tell them how I said while You were sleeping.

So, BUILD LIST OF Followers! No list - no success in this business! And then when You in the work all that You do You need is promotion and just promotion! What to advertise? Your web site! How? First of all, please note that most programs in most programs have advertisements. Use it! Enter the website address of Your site and the URL of the banner and start traffic on Your site! Interested will join You! Having a website does not advertise it and do not track the statistics visit is just like having a jumbo poster in the basement of the house! It is wise to advertise Your job to various institutions, schools, cafes, employment bureaus, residential buildings, write Your own blog or business page on Your ship. You can pay for advertising on various pages and portals that offer inventory for sale! The visit card are a very cogent way of announcing a job. It is also wise to advertise Your reference links or Your business page in advertisement service.

Now about earnings! Find out what the paYout is for a particular program, and plan well how much You will pay for Your earnings, and how much will You go back to the program. My recommendation is to get a big part of Your profit (about 2/3 to 4/5) back to work because You can only progress at it way. It is a good tactic to re-invest in doubling the initial payment by reinvesting, and then withdraw that payment back to the payroll processor (the internet bank). With what's left of the program, build on Your business. Always keep in mind that even the most legitimate admin can get caught up in financial hardship, and then You lose money. Very important: In this business, completely exclude emotions in business. This is business, not Peyton Place or Saga about Forsays !!

It is very important to build Your own identity on the net, Your own brand so that You become recognizable to others. Have Your own style and way of working but do not forget the tips of the more experienced. Do Your own promotional material Yourself if You can. By doing so, You will be a strong leader like me, and this is one of the conditions for building this job. In business, an imperative must be a raw efficiency and sufficient minimalism.

Put all Your efforts in advertising Your business, but do not fool people or get bored to them. If they are interested You will already be joining. Just doing a advertisement and wait for people to come by their own free will. Do not collect folowers by spaming!

Make sure You build a proper and healthy job attitude. In the business, be a good worker, not a mannequin !! Avoid cash transactions through "ordinary classical" banks. This is in the earnings program marked with the icon You usually type "Wire Transfer" or "Swift".

Do not be afraid of side criticism. Be decisive and just do Your job! The money earned on the net is honest earned money! Fully DISCONTINUE "quick rich" programs for quick wreckage. Stay in programs where You get a lot of credits but pay off in the long run and reliably! And definitely, one tip: Do not ever get more money in business than You're willing to lose !! If You follow me then You are on the right path !!

In this job You can not earn if do not help others to earn! Your success is success of our team!



The monthly membership fee for the STIFORP program is just under $10. A one-time subscription fee of just under $50. Your only job is to find two "rights members" who will also understand the ingenuity of this system and who, like you, will want to earn a living by enrolling your two members, etc. These may be your first neighbors, family members or best friends, and you can invite them in yourself. Of course, you can add new members without restriction, and your earnings are noticeably higher in this case. Collecting members by spam is strictly forbidden! STIFORP is a legal, debt-free registered company that regularly and safely pays every dollar earned! This job except mummy may work also daddy and any other male person.


STIFORP is a company that has only existed for a few months and in that short time it has driven many faces from the business world crazy! Known and unknown… Experienced and those a little less experienced! Big and small! Everything! Why? Because STIFORP is the best opportunity of this time to provide regular monthly income very quickly! Plain and simple…

What is it?

The point is that STIFORP offers what no one on the Internet offers today - a large number of useful tools and the opportunity to make a profit only if you join the program - without having to personally sponsor anyone.

We believe that few people would not want to earn $ 300, $ 500, $ 1000 and more per month and only as a Stiforp user

So take a position as soon as possible !!!



STIFORP is a debt-free company

after registration you will receive a wonderful set of tools worth $ 3000 as much as 75% of the total income is paid to its members they have already paid thousands of members in weekly and monthly salaries after registration you become the owner of an automatic system that does 95% of the work for you. HOW MUCH MONEY WILL YOU BE ABLE TO MAKE AND IN WHAT WAY?

Here we are with the work that, I am convinced, interests everyone the most. How much money will you be able to make here and in what way?

Stiforp offers you 4 types of earnings:

1. QUICK WELCOME BONUS - When you register, the company gives you 3 members, of which you earn $ 4. It doesn't matter who joined those members.2. QUICK STARTING BONUS - for each new member you personally enroll, you will receive a commission of $ 25 Let's say you have 20 direct entries per month, it will bring you $ 500. In addition to this $ 25 for each direct member, you can get $ 2 to your SECOND LINE and $ 1 each to your 3rd, 4th and 5th LINES. While this may seem like a "small amount of money," don't underestimate this $ 2 or $ 1. There can be more than 100 people in your 2nd Line, which is another $ 200 bonus. Lines 3, 4 and 5 can bring you even more because there will be hundreds of people in them.3.BATUS FROM THE MATRIX - this is the money you will get for each member in YOUR MATRIX, no matter who enrolled in Stiforp. That percentage is not large, but it is expressed in a larger number of people.

When your 2 x 12 Matrix is ​​filled, you will earn a commission of $ 2,047.50.

When your 2 x 14 Matrix is ​​filled, then you will get as much as $ 8,191.50. This will depend on what level you have reached within the Stiforp system.

The most important thing is to enroll as many people as possible directly. That will bring fast growth and the biggest bonuses. MATCHING BONUS - this is, in my opinion, the most interesting type of earnings and by far the largest. Refers to the following: Stiforp will reward you for each of your DIRECTLY enrolled members with as much as 50% of his total monthly salary. So, if your direct member earned $ 1,000 this month, you will receive $ 500 from the company in your account. If you had 10 of those, it would mean that you would get EVERY MONTH 10x $ 500 = $ 5,000 As you can see from the picture above, you will not only get 50% on your direct entries but also 20% on the second line, 10% on the third, 5% on the fourth and 3% on the fifth line.


I will immediately explain to you what, in fact, is your job here and what it is that you have to do to succeed in Stiforp's Matrix system.


This is the first task and never skip it, because it has been PROVEN that those who do not use the products do not work for a long time, give up and do not achieve success. After all, you pay $ 9.95 for these tools every month, so it would be wise to USE THEM in your work. This will bring you top results, because that's what Stiforp tools are for.


Plan A would be to enroll at least 10 people a month, which will bring you a $ 250 commission and a great growth rate of your network structure. It is not difficult and it is perfectly possible. I know people who enroll more than 25 people a month.

Plan B would be to enroll at least 5 new people each month. That’s, let’s put it this way, the most basic thing you need to do every month, to grow your business. Can you enroll one new person every 6 days? I am convinced that it will not be difficult.

Plan C refers to the “minimum” you would have to do if you plan to develop your network and fill your Matrix. Enroll at least 2 new people per month. It's not exactly a "plan", but it's really something minimal that you should do.


In other words, when you enroll someone in Stiforp, only then follows the most important task, and that is to TEACH that new person to do the same thing you do. This is invaluable because without it you will not be able to develop your network structure. Please - remember this very well!


What is your main goal in this business?

Your main goal is to COMPLETE YOUR MATRIX, which will bring you a large and secure residual income for many years to come.

How are you going to do that? Well, just doing the 3 things I just described.


The first thing you need to have is PERSISTENCE. Only persistent people will be able to build a large network and a large residual income here. Perseverance means you must never give up. Only those who give up will not reach the goal. Everyone else will arrive, that's for sure. It's just a matter of time.

The other thing is CONSISTENCY. What does that mean? This means that if we agree on something, you will stick to it as if your life depends on it. If we say that we should do "this and that", then there is no excuse for "not doing". Do you understand?

You should definitely have TRUST, first of all, in yourself, but also in the company, products, your leader, etc. Doubt is not the place here because if it appears, it is the beginning of your failure. Please become perfectly aware of this.


It's not just my goal to enroll someone and get their $ 25, it's important to me that he brings people too, because that's how I'll fill the matrix before that's why my team offers very good additional e-books on how to advertise, etc. this is not just sending emails, this is business and don't be fooled if you thought there was nothing to do here

you certainly need 2-3 hours a day but it pays.

You are internet marketer! You need two mandatory tools, hosting for web site and mailing list! Sign up;

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I'm old ragged hippy. I was born in horoscop (zodiac) sign of Pisces (Fish), before in Sibenik, DALMATIA, Croatia, Europe. It was time of president Josip Broz - Tito and Pope John XXIII.

I am Bodulac (Islander)! My mum (maiden surname - Zafranović) is from Prvić Island and my daddy is from Krapanj Island. My sister is old.

My IQ is very high. I can read and write from 4th year of my life. My school time was passed in waiting for school's bells. I was very strong in physics and mathematics. I am man of honor!! My moral-political quality is excellent!!

Familly of my father was naval astronomy navigators and family of my mother was shipbuilders. My grandfather was "Hero of Socialistic work"! I was finished 5 seminars in IBM school in Radovljica, Slovenia. When i finished high school for electrotehnic, i get job. First as a guard, and later in computer center. Dalmatia My job was operator, first operator and system programer.

But life is strange, after 11 years things changed, I got a physical condition called Spondylitis Ancilosans, which forced me to retire earlier. This allowed me to fully work online to build my own business and a steady income source. I am in Internet Marketing for last .

I am divorced and have son old. I am anti-fascist and I respect Croatian Partisans and all anti-fascist warriors. Two streets is named by members of my fammily! My both families by mother's and father's side was Tito's Partisans.

When i was young i was educated bass guitar player. Also i was radioamateur - telegraphist and photograph amateur. And youth secretary!!

In free time i listen music and learn about Linux. AND EARN ON THE INTERNET!! :-)

My message: Dear ladies and respectful gentlemen, thank You for visit my website! Do something for a better world, and also for pensioners and invalids! Help the poor and charitable! All people are born equal! Arrogance is a lethal sin!! Dear ladies, I kiss yours hands! Love Dalmatia, islands, ships, boats, sails, paddles and Adriatic sea!!!! Love donkeys! Use olive's oil! Drink quality Dalmatian wine!! Care about sea, forests, environment, nature, lakes, climate and air! Care about tradition of Your country! Be good human beings!! Be extremely honest and fair!! Respect parents and older! Do not be racist. Care about plants and animals. If you have no nice thing to say, better do not say nothing! Care about body and spirit. Use Linux! Be humble! I wish I had a girl-friend between and years old which have peace in her soul and poetry in her eyes! Peace & Love forever!

Poverty is not shame of poor man, it is shame of state in which he lives in! (Davor)
Poverty is the most brutal form of state terrorism! (Dr. Sci. Ernest Ezra Mandel)
Keeping people in misery and ignorance is the worst form of violence! (Mohandas Karamchad Gandhi - Mahatma)

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